What ID should I bring?

A photo card driving licence is perfect, as this has your photo and your address. Please note, the address must be current and correct. If you do not have this, another photo ID such as a membership card or passport is fine, but you must also have a recent (within three months) utility bill, bank statement or HMRC letter. A receipt is not proof of address. If you are unsure please call us before you come.

Can I use my passport as ID?

Yes, but only for the photo, as passports do not contain your address. You will also need to bring some proof of address if you bring your passport as ID.


Do I need to bring anything else with me?

Yes, you will need to bring a high vis - preferably just a vest for your own safety and so you can be seen at all times on site.


Do you pay cash?

No, since 2013 it is illegal to buy scrap metal for cash. We do same-day bank transfer directly into your bank account.

What Bank Details do I have to leave?

We need the name on the account, sort code and account number. If you try using your name and someone else’s account, the payment will bounce back. NatWest bank cards DO NOT show your account number so please remember to make a note of this before you visit us.

What if I don’t bring my ID?

You will be unable to leave your metal with us.

What if I don’t have my bank details?

You can still leave your metal here, and call us with your bank details.

When will the money go into my account?

We aim for money to go into your bank within a couple of hours. It is always transferred by 6pm the same day, unless there is a problem with the bank.

Can I put the money into another person’s bank account or use their ID if I don’t have mine?

No - it must be your ID and proof of address and bank details must match this. We can only pay someone else if that person is with you at the reception to sign the paperwork, show their ID and give their bank details. Whoever we are paying must show their ID, give us their bank details and sign the paperwork.

Do I need the logbook if I’m scrapping a vehicle?

No - we are linked directly to the DVLA and we will issue you with a Certificate Of Destruction from the DVLA before you leave. However, your car MUST have registration plates (number plates) and a chassis number (VIN No) present.

What are the measurements of a 40-yard Bin?

Approximately 19’11” in length, 7’4” in width, and 8’10” in height.

What are the measurements of a 6-yard skip?

Approximately 8’6” in length, 5’ in width and 4’ in height. This is a general builder’s skip.

What are the measurements of a 12-yard skip?

Approximately 12’2” in length, 5’9” in width, and 5’6” in height.

Do you collect vehicles or scrap from the side of the road?

No, we are not a recovery company. We can collect if it is outside your home only.

Do you come into my property to get the metal?

We are only able to access your driveway or garden as we are not insured to enter your house. We ask that any goods are left accessible on the driveway or in the garden. This helps to ensure that we can always access any goods you wish for us to take.

Are you open Bank Holidays?

No, we are closed on all UK Bank Holidays.

Do I have to have an appointment to come to you?

No, you can just turn up within our opening times.

Do I need an account with you?


Do you take fridges and freezers?


Do you help offload my scrap?

Yes, our staff are more than happy to help you.

Why am I charged to leave my tyres at your site?

We have to pay to dispose of these, so the cost is passed directly to the customer.