Metal recycling: do’s and don'ts

Metals are non-renewable natural resources, this is because they cannot be replaced as quickly as they are used. Furthermore, metal is a great material to recycle because it doesn’t lose its quality. As a result, their limited supply and robust material means it is important to recycle your metal; from cans to scrap metal.

However, while recycling metal is a great thing to do, it can easily be done wrong. We have compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for you so you can ensure you recycle your metal properly.


Cleaning metal cans

If you are recycling metal cans and tins, it is important to wash them out thoroughly before putting them in the recycling bin. This is because items which still have liquid or food residue on them will often not be accepted by recycling centres. Some cans may have paper labels on them; ask your local recycling centre if you need to remove this or if they can be recycled together.

Separate your scrap metal

Recycling companies will greatly thank you for separating your metals before they pick it up. You can do this by having a separate container for cans and tins and another for larger scrap metal.

Know your metals

Not all metal can be recycled and not all metal recycling companies can scrap every kind of metal. If you are unsure, phone your local recycling centre and ask. It is important to know which metals can and cannot be recycled as mixing the two may lead to the whole batch not being accepted.


Identifying your scrap metal

It is important to know what type of metal you are scrapping for pricing reasons. You may misidentify your metal, and thus, be disappointed with the price you get for it.

Don’t sell to just anybody

Check with the local council about the laws with scrapping metals. It can sometimes be easy to fall into the trap of selling it to someone you shouldn’t. Try to always use a professional and accredited company. Doing this will additionally ensure that you get a good and fair price for your metal. Here at A4 Metals, we can help!

Protect yourself

Some metals may contain sharp edges or chemicals. It is therefore important to protect yourself when organising your metal or cleaning it. By wearing protective gloves, you will prevent yourself from any potential injuries or harm.

How we can help

Here at A4 Metals we are a family run business with over 30 years experience in scrap metal recycling. We do our utmost to recycle or reuse all materials purchased and keep waste to a minimum at all times. We pride ourselves in paying you the best prices possible for your scrap metal. We also offer a scrap metal collection and skip hire service at a small charge.

If you wish to get in touch with us and see how we can help, please call us on: 01189 713 657 or visit our website here.