What can recycled metal be made into?

Most metals can be melted and reshaped countless times over without losing their strength and durability. Scrap metal is a resource which can never be depleted. By recycling metal, you are contributing to the reduction of pollution, waste going to landfill and the prevention of the destruction of habitats as a result of new ore mines. 

The properties of metals mean they are a great material for recycling. Recycled metals can be made into so many new products, you often don’t realise that the product you have is made out of recycled metal.

Read on to find out what products recycled metal can be turned into.

What can recycled metal be made into? 

There are so many different metals which can be recycled and many are used to make new, brand new products. Here are some common uses for recycled metal.

Home Furnishings

What a lot of homeowners don’t realise, is that recycled metal is frequently used to make home furnishings. The metal can be melted down to form anything from table tops, to clock faces to chest of drawers!


Recycled metals make up a major part of the transport industry's metal use. Approximately 25% of a car’s body is made from recycled metal and, unbelievably, 80% of an aeroplane's frame is made from recycled aluminium. Train tracks are also largely made from reused steel, which is especially useful because of steel’s increased strength.

Cans and Aerosols 

Did you know that around 600 million aerosol cans are used every year in the UK? That works out as around 10 cans per person- that’s a lot! Luckily, these cans and aerosols can be recycled because they are made from tin-plated steel and aluminium. Often, when these metals are recycled, they are made into other cans and so the cycle continues. 

How to recycle or scrap your metal 

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